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MP calls Northern League sit-in 'pathetic'

Minister Kyenge 'makes Italians understand importance of issue'

22 January, 16:47
MP calls Northern League sit-in 'pathetic' (ANSA) - Rome, January 22 - Center-left MP Edoardo Patriarca said Wednesday that the sit-in being conducted by the anti-immigration Northern League party against Minister for Integration Cecile Kyenge was "pathetic".

The sit-in against the minister of African origin is "pathetic", he said, calling on the party to "worry instead about those in their ranks who are under investigation," or about their own member, "(Roberto) Calderoli, who when he was minister for simplification did not simplify any regulations whatsoever". Calderoli infamously likened Kyenge to an orangutan last year. The anti-immigrant League has been among Kyenge's staunchest opponents since she became Italy's first black cabinet member in April.

Its members have made a number of racial slurs against her in their opposition to her drive to decriminalize illegal immigration. "Minister Kyenge is doing extensive, important work to make Italians understand how important it is to take action on the issue of immigration, citizenship and rights," said Patriarca.