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Cops suspect child burned in car after hearing killers' name

Small boy possibly murdered due to remarkable memory, police say

22 January, 15:16
Cops suspect child burned in car after hearing killers' name (ANSA) - Cassano allo Jonio, January 22 - A three-year-old whose body was found with his uncle's in a burned-out car may have been killed because the child overheard the name of a mafia-linked assassins, police said Wednesday.

Nicola was found with his uncle Giuseppe Iannicelli, a 52-year-old special surveillance officer, and his girlfriend in a torched Fiat Punto near the town of Cassano allo Jonio located 250 kilometers south of Naples.

Police believe the triple murder came after the child inadvertently overheard the name of one of his uncle's assassins. The boy was apparently well-known in the community for having a remarkable memory. Police say they do not yet know exactly what happened, but said that Iannicelli might have been killed in a dispute over an illegal activity, and the child murdered because he was a witness.

A preliminary reconstruction of events found that the car had burned for many hours, making it difficult to identify the number of bodies as well as their names.