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Prosecutor seeks 18-year sentence in attack at swearing-in

Man accused of shooting police, leaving one paralyzed

21 January, 16:27
Prosecutor seeks 18-year sentence in attack at swearing-in (ANSA) - Rome, January 21 - Rome prosecutors asked the courts Tuesday to impose an 18-year prison sentence on Luigi Preiti, who allegedly shot at four police officers in April 2013 outside the premier's office.

Two of the officers were seriously injured, with one still partly paralyzed from spinal injuries following the shooting on April 28 at Rome's Palazzo Chigi.

Preiti, a native of Calabria, attacked on the same day that Premier Enrico Letta's government was being sworn into office.

But Preiti, who is accused of multiple counts of attempted murder, possession of illegal weapons and stolen goods, has said he did not intend to kill anyone and only wanted to draw attention to his joblessness.

Court was told Tuesday that shortly before the shooting Preiti called government offices demanding more help for Calabria, a southern region with serious economic problems.

Last October, he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine if he knew what he was doing.

Just before Christmas, Letta visited Giuseppe Giangrande, who was shot in the spine and remains severely paralyzed in most of his body.

The officer's family says he wants to return to police work and has numerous surgeries planned.