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Three people burned to ash in Calabria

Mafia maybe behind deaths of 3-yr-old, investigator, girlfriend

20 January, 13:56
Three people burned to ash in Calabria (ANSA) - Cassano allo Jonio, January 20 - A coroner on Monday determined that a 52-year-old investigator, his 27-year-old female partner and his three-year-old nephew were completely consumed by flames in a triple homicide committed in the southern Italian town of Cassano allo Jonio, located near the ball of Italy's boot in the region of Calabria.

A preliminary reconstruction of events found that the automobile with Giuseppe Iannicelli, a special surveillance officer, his Moroccan girlfriend Ibtissam Touss, and Iannicelli's three-year-old nephew aboard had burned for many hours. The Carabinieri paramilitary police received numerous calls from relatives and friends concerning Iannicelli's disappearance Sunday night.

When carabinieri police found the charred automobile, the bodies were so burnt they had trouble understanding how many there were.

Investigators are currently working on the hypothesis that the crime may concern local organized crime clans involved in drug trafficking.