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Bersani 'out of danger' after brain hemorrhage

Former center-left leader 'in good condition'

17 January, 17:53
Bersani 'out of danger' after brain hemorrhage (ANSA) - Parma, January 17 - Former centre-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani is in improving condition and out of danger after suffering a brain hemorrhage two weeks ago, his doctors said Friday. The 62-year-old former chief of the Democratic Party (PD) is now "in good condition" following emergency brain surgery, said officials at the Maggiore hospital in Parma.

Doctors say there seems to be no brain damage, with the patient "conscious and collaborative".

Bersani failed to lead the centre-left PD to victory in last year's general election despite having a big lead in the polls beforehand after conducting a colourless campaign.

After the vote, he then could not persuade the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement (M5S) to back a government led by him after the election.

Instead, the PD had to settle for a left-right coalition headed by Bersani's then deputy, Enrico Letta.

Named premier in April, Letta visited Bersani in hospital Friday for an hour and a half. Bersani quit as PD chief the same month after internal revolts prevented the party from having two of the candidates he had chosen elected as Italian president.