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Anti-austerity protesters arrested for blocking commerce

'Pitchfork' demos 'threatened businesses into closing'

17 January, 16:10
Anti-austerity protesters arrested for blocking commerce (ANSA) - Andria, January 17 - Seven people were placed under house arrest and others were ordered to report to police for blocking commerce in the southern Puglia region amid nationwide anti-austerity 'Pitchfork' protests in December.

A total of 25 Puglia residents have been cited. Some allegedly forced businessmen and shopkeepers in the cities of Andria and Barletta to close down their activities on the days the protests took place last month. A local Ipercoop supermarket and an Andria-based bank are among the businesses that suffered disruption. The Pitchfork protesters are part of a nationwide movement that blames government mismanagement for Italy's continuing economic crisis and opposes austerity-driven tax hikes. They have also taken to other anti-government causes, occupying roads, squares and railways.