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Alleged Italian murderer taken to Dublin psych unit

'Confessed to stabbing, eating part of Irish roommate'

17 January, 18:06
Alleged Italian murderer taken to Dublin psych unit (ANSA) - London, January 17 - Saverio Bellante, a 34-year old Italian who confessed to killing and eating a part of Irish journalist Tom O'Gorman in Dublin, has been transferred from jail to Dublin's psychiatric Central Mental Hospital, the Cloverhill District Court said Friday.

Bellante was not present at the hearing, and is to remain at the psychiatric centre until the next hearing on January 31. The Italian, who is an employee of a pharmaceuticals company, claimed to have stabbed his roommate O'Gorman to death and eaten his heart after a chess match between the two. Medical experts however found the heart to be in place, though determined that a lung was missing from the body. It will take some 10 months before the actual murder trial starts, according to ANSA sources. During Friday's hearing, Bellante's lawyer Michael Staines asked the judge to make an appeal to the media for prudent and objective coverage.