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'I do not give up' on election reform, tweets Renzi

PD leader, Premier Enrico Letta say fixing voting rules crucial

17 January, 11:59
'I do not give up' on election reform, tweets Renzi (ANSA) - Rome, January 17 - Matteo Renzi, the head of the center-left Democratic Party (PD), said Friday that despite some push-back, he is not giving up on crucial reforms to Italy's electoral laws.

In a post on his Twitter feed, Renzi said that reform of election laws is something very serious - "I have voted for it, many try to restrain (this). But I do not give up".

Late Thursday evening, Renzi met with Premier Enrico Letta, who also represents the PD and whose government Renzi has repeatedly criticized for failing to do enough on reforms since taking office in April.

"Recent reform efforts have been a list of failures: no electoral reforms, the idea of a major institutional reform was (blocked in parliament)," the 39-year-old mayor of Florence said on Thursday.

"For several years, cabinet members have abandoned the idea altogether. The PD risks losing credibility".

According to some reports, the evening meeting between Letta and Renzi helped to calm matters between them. Letta has defended his government's achievements including surviving longer than many expected given its tense, unprecedented left-right composition.

However, electoral reform remains a controversial but important issue since the Constitutional Court ruled late last year that the existing law was unconstitutional.