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Renzi insists does not want to sink Letta

PD leader says criticism aimed at 'giving a hand'

16 January, 17:42
Renzi insists does not want to sink Letta (ANSA) - Rome, January 16 - Matteo Renzi, the new leader of the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), reiterated Thursday that his frequent criticism of Premier Enrico Letta's coalition government was not part of a plot to sink it so he can take the place of his PD colleague.

Renzi, the 39-year-old mayor of Florence, has repeatedly criticised the government for failing to make progress on institutional and economic reforms.

This week he commented that it would be a "euphemism" to say the left-right government has done little since it was sworn in last year.

"My personal aim is not to play a game of intrigue around the palace of power to be able to have new elections and take Enrico's place," Renzi told a PD meeting.

"If the government does well, it deserves compliments. If not, you criticise it and it's not part of a secret design.

"The criticism isn't to be able to take over, but to give a hand (to Letta)".