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Pope reiterates importance of baptism at general audience

Francis says helped Church survive in Japan for over 2 centuries

15 January, 12:49
Pope reiterates importance of baptism at general audience (ANSA) - Vatican City, January 15 - Pope Francis reiterated the importance the Catholic Church gives to baptism during his general audience in St Peter's Square on Wednesday.

"In every generation, through baptism, we are reborn to the new life of grace and called to be witnesses of the Gospel before the world," Francis said.

"Baptism makes us 'missionary disciples' within the communion of the Church.

"There is a close bond between our rebirth in water and the Holy Spirit, our responsibility to live this new life within the Church, in our families and our parishes, and our mission to bring the Gospel to others as channels of God's grace".

He also reflected on the history of the Church in Japan "where small communities of the faithful survived clandestinely for over two centuries thanks to the grace of baptism".