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Missing, contested boy calls mother 'bad' in YouTube video

Post comes after mother's appeals to find father and child

15 January, 14:44
Missing, contested boy calls mother 'bad' in YouTube video (ANSA) - Parma, January 15 - A father's disappearance with his eight-year-old son took a new turn on Wednesday when the father posted a video on YouTube in which the son blasted his mother.

"It's not my dad who is bad. It is my mum who is bad," the boy said in the video.

Alarm over the missing child was raised by Maurizio Rigamonti's ex-wife, Laura Calder, who called police and launched appeals over the disappearance after a weekend without hearing from her ex-husband or son. The legal battle between Calder and Rigamonti reaches back at least four years, when the couple lived in the United States.

In the Internet video, the child sits in his father's arms and says, "The truth is that I want to be with my dad and not with my mum, who lies all the time and threatens me in order to make me say ugly things about my dad. She threatened me to make me say a bunch of ugly things about my father".

The video gave no indication of the whereabouts of the boy and his father, a Parma resident, but the boy said he wanted to return soon, ''because I want to tell the truth about my mum and tell her in her face what I think of her".