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Deputy premier not phased by surfacing in Ligresti wiretap

'An irrelevant phone call' says Alfano

15 January, 13:23
Deputy premier not phased by surfacing in Ligresti wiretap (ANSA) - Rome, January 15 - Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Angelino Alfano on Wednesday said he had nothing to worry about after his name surfaced as one of the people recorded in police wiretaps speaking to former insurance magnate Salvatore Ligresti, accused of acquiring illegal dividends of 200 million euros. "It was a completely irrelevant phone call (as far as the investigation is concerned)," said Alfano. "I've never been at all worried about the recordings. They can even put a microscope between the neurons in my brain". Late last year, Justice Minister Anna Maria Cancellieri survived a confidence vote to oust her from the government for allegedly meddling in the Ligresti case. In November she admitted to parliament to calling authorities regarding Ligresti's daughter Giulia.

Salvatore and Giulia Ligresti along with another daughter, Jonella, were arrested in July for alleged involvement in cooking the books at the Fonsai insurance group.

Cancellieri denied influencing Giulia's release from jail to house arrest, and insisted she only intervened to look after her health, as the woman had a history of depression and anorexia.

Shortly after the confidence vote some of Salvatore Ligresti's statements to prosecutors were leaked to the press, in which he claimed to have influence with media magnate and three-time premier Silvio Berlusconi.

Alfano was once Berlusconi's heir apparent, but has since left the Media magnate's ranks to form his own New Center Right party.