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Antitrust chief says Italian car insurance too pricey

Pitruzzella calls Italian policies the most expensive in Europe

15 January, 16:51
Antitrust chief says Italian car insurance too pricey (ANSA) - Rome, January 15 - The president of the Italian Competition Authority on Wednesday said Italians are paying too much for car insurance.

"In Italy, we have the most expensive policies in Europe.

It is an indisputable and unbearable situation for the consumer," Giovanni Pitruzzella told RAI Radio1. Pitruzella blamed "a combination of factors, among them the fact that there is a lot of fraud (and) there is a problem with compensation costs due to the amounts required by specific (official) tables".

"It's necessary, however, also to act in the face of insurance companies that don't do enough. It's necessary to stimulate more competition and encourage more efficient behaviour in the fight against fraud," Pitruzella added.

"Many of the government's measures, if correctly implemented, can serve to correctly tackle the problem. The process of (market) reform must continue," Pitruzella concluded.