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UAE unveil sustainable, visionary Expo 2015 pavilion

Explores the relationship between water, food and energy

14 January, 16:04
UAE unveil sustainable, visionary Expo 2015 pavilion (ANSA) - Milan, January 14 - The United Arab Emirates on Tuesday presented their Milan Expo 2015 pavilion, which is being designed by avant-garde British architectural firm Foster + Partners following the concept of techno-sustainability. Called Food for Thought, the pavilion on a 4,000-square-meter lot will feature 12-meter-high, 140-meter-long, curving parallel sand walls, a cylindrical rotating auditorium immersing the public in a 360-degree video projection, and a three-floor ''oasis'' with vegetable gardens, a café, a restaurant, and a panoramic terrace, where visitors can experience Arab cuisine. Built following sustainability principles such as rainwater recovery, recycled materials, and solar panels, the pavilion demonstrating the relationship between water, food, and energy will be taken apart and rebuilt in its home country after the fair. It is also a working demonstration of Masdar City, an entirely sustainable, clean-energy enclave delivering the highest quality living and working environment with the lowest possible ecological footprint, which architect Norman Foster's firm is building in Abu Dhabi.

"It will be an experience they won't forget," UAE Expo 2015 General Commissioner Salem al-Ameri said.

"This is a key partnership for us" ahead of the 2020 Expo in Dubai, added Italian Expo Commissioner Giuseppe Sala.

"The UAE pavilion confirms the emirates will take center stage in Milan. We are highly satisfied with the commitment being shown ahead of our world's fair," commented Expo 2015 Under-Secretary Maurizio Martina.