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Racism kills democracy, says Integration Minister Kyenge

After umpteenth Northern League racist slurs against her

14 January, 19:13
Racism kills democracy, says Integration Minister Kyenge (see related) (ANSA) - Rome, January 14 - Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge on Tuesday called on politicians to unanimously condemn racism as members of the anti-immigrant Northern League, including the party's Senate whip, targeted her with overtly racist slurs for the umpteenth time since she took office early last year.

"Politics must stand up as one and condemn racism lest it become a dangerous weapon that can kill democracy," the minister said.

"Our Constitution is a strong tool to fight racism, but it's never used.

"As a public official I represent those who think like me and also those who think differently. "The country must react in response to these acts, which must be recognized for what they are, that is, acts of racism and discrimination".