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Pope boasts 200,000 followers for Latin tweets

Francis's posts on Twitter followed by 11 million worldwide

13 January, 18:20
Pope boasts 200,000 followers for Latin tweets (ANSA) - Vatican City, January 13 - Pope Francis has topped the 200,000 mark in the number of followers of his Twitter account in Latin, the Vatican announced Monday.

The pope has more than 11 million Twitter followers of his posts at @Pontifex, which are translated into nine languages.

The first post on the papal account came on January 17, 2013 when former pope Benedict XVI wrote a message in Latin that included a call for Christians to "pray with perseverance, do justice, love kindness and walk with Him".

Currently, the greatest number of followers watch Pope Francis's Twitter feed in Spanish, the mother-tongue of the Argentine pontiff, with more than 4.4 million fans.

The next most-popular version is in English, with more than 3.4 million followers.