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Parents sue hospital after newborn switch

Mum discovers boy instead of girl, loses breast milk in shock

13 January, 14:58
Parents sue hospital after newborn switch (ANSA) - Lecce, January 13 - A couple whose newborn was mistakenly switched with another in public hospital are suing regional health authorities for 50,000 euros after the child's mother lost her milk upon realizing she had taken home a boy instead of a girl.

The switch took place December 10 in a public hospital in Galatina, a town 20km south of regional capital Lecce.

Both children were immediately restored to their rightful parents.

The hospital's obstetrics department helps bring 700 children into the world a year.

"Human error is always a risk. We apologized to the parents and are investigating where the procedural error occurred so this never happens again," said Lecce public health director, Valdo Mellone. "Both newborns had the right ID bracelet on. We are so very sorry".