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Napolitano and Renzi discuss election law reform

New Democratic Party leader keeps up pressure on govt

13 January, 19:48
Napolitano and Renzi discuss election law reform (ANSA) - Rome, January 13 - Italian President Giorgio Napolitano and newly anointed centre-left Democratic Party (PD) leader Matteo Renzi met to discuss electoral and other reforms, the president's office made known in a note Monday.

"There was an exchange of ideas on the outlook and means for reform," the statement said.

Italy needs a new election law after the dysfunctional old one, blamed for the inconclusive outcome of last February's election that made a left-right coalition government necessary, was ruled invalid by the Constitutional Court.

Renzi, 39, the ambitious new PD chairman who is also the telegenic mayor of Florence, has stepped up pressure on the left-right executive of his PD colleague Premier Enrico Letta after his landslide victory in last month's primary for the biggest group in parliament, making repeated calls for the administration to speed up reform.