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Philip Morris planning 500-mn-euro investment in Bologna

First EU plant for 'reduced-risk tobacco products'

10 January, 17:34
Philip Morris planning 500-mn-euro investment in Bologna (ANSA) - Bologna, January 10 - Philip Morris International Inc. announced Friday it was planning a 500-million-euro investment for a manufacturing facility near Bologna to produce potentially reduced-risk tobacco products, the first to be built in the European Union. Once the facility is fully operational, the factory is expected to produce some 30 billion units by 2016 and employ 600 people, the American company said. Construction is scheduled to start almost immediately and is estimated to last two year.

A pilot plant that is being built as part of the project is almost constructed and is to serve as a production facility for pilot and initial market launches. Most of the construction and manufacturing products will be purchased locally from Italian suppliers, in a bid to support the local economy, the company said.

The plan has been applauded by Italy's National Tabacco Organization chief Gennaro Masiello as a strong signal for Italy, and for the beneficial effects it will have on employment. "It's a choice that gives great joy in that it strengthens the work and the relations in these last three years between (our organization) and Philip Morris," Masiello said.