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PD leader Renzi meets with premier Letta, sources say

Democratic Party bosses speak before cabinet session

10 January, 10:48
PD leader Renzi meets with premier Letta, sources say (ANSA) - Rome, January 10 - Premier Enrico Letta met with the new leader of the Democratic Party (PD) Matteo Renzi Friday morning before the regular meeting of cabinet ministers, sources said. The pair had several issues to discuss, including a Jobs Act proposed by the centre-left Renzi.

The plan drew a warm reception when it was released one day earlier.

The meeting comes as Letta, also a PD member, is holding talks with all the parties supporting his left-right coalition government for a policy pact for this year. One of the main aims of Renzi's Job Act would be to simplify Italy's labour system, eliminating many parts of the current myriad of work contracts and lay-off benefits.

A key proposal is to have single employment contract with job protection measures growing with seniority.