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Unions leaders give cautious welcome to Jobs Act

Cgil 'would have liked greater ambition,' leader Camusso said

09 January, 16:11
Unions leaders give cautious welcome to Jobs Act (see related story) (ANSA) - Rome, January 9 - Susanna Camusso, leader of Italy's largest trade union confederation, the left-wing CGIL, on Thursday welcomed the political debate on labour and employment triggered by Democratic Party (PD) Secretary Matteo Renzi's so-called Job Act, but said the policy proposals did not go far enough.

"We can only welcome the current debate that is at last centred on labour and the fact that the biggest centre-left party is committed to making proposals," said Camusso.

She welcomed in particular the proposal to limit the number of possible job contracts, describing it as "an absolutely unexpected new development: until today we were the only ones saying this".

However, she added that "we would have liked to see greater ambition, starting for example with the creation of jobs or resources". Her counterpart at the more moderate CISL trade union, Raffaele Bonanni, said the measures needed discussing, but added that he was "basically in favour".

The union secretary added that he "liked the idea of giving force to a single job contract and eliminating all those 'decoy contracts' that serve only to pay people less, especially young people".