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Genoa prison director reinstated after serial-killer row

Mazzeo said was 'unaware' of Gagliano's full criminal record

09 January, 15:14
Genoa prison director reinstated after serial-killer row (ANSA) - Genoa, January 9 - Marassi prison director Salvatore Mazzeo returned to work Thursday after the justice minister revoked a transfer order issued following the escape of a convicted serial killer from the Genoa jail during good-behaviour leave in December. Inmates had threatened a hunger strike in the event of his transfer.

"I thank the minister because I am an operative and I would not have felt comfortable in a different post," said Mazzeo, also referring to the numerous projects he wants to see through at the jail on the outskirts of the Ligurian capital. Justice Minister Annamaria Cancellieri ordered his transfer after Bartolomeo Gagliano, 55, whose criminal past includes murders, robberies, narcotics and arms possession and fleeing from psychiatric hospitals, took flight on 17 December, just over a year short of finishing a sentence for attempted extortion.

He was captured in Menton near the French border a few days later.

However, the minister motivated Mazzeo's removal not by circumstances leading to the escape itself but to a declaration he made subsequently to the effect that the prison management had not been aware of Gagliano's full criminal record.

The prisons administration department has launched disciplinary proceedings against the director for "inopportune" and "untimely" statements.