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Schumacher 'helping no one at time of fall'

Chose to ski off piste, investigators say

08 January, 13:11
Schumacher 'helping no one at time of fall' (see related) (ANSA) - Paris, January 8 - Investigators on Wednesday said Michael Schumacher was not helping anyone when he skied off piste in the French Alps and cracked his head on a rock earlier this month, putting him in critical condition. "He deliberately chose to go into that zone," said Patrick Quincy from the Albertville prosecutor's office in France, which is investigating the accident on the Meribel slopes.

On Tuesday prosecutors spoke after reviewing footage from the Formula One great's helmet camera, which revealed he was not skiing recklessly. "There are only two minutes of video, and you don't see Schumacher helping anyone," added Quincy. According to earlier reports the legendary Ferrari driver was helping the young daughter of a friend when he fell.

He entered his 10th day of a drug-induced coma Wednesday.

Doctors have performed successive surgeries to reduce swelling of the brain. He is in critical yet stable condition.