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Gerard Depardieu gets in legal row over noisy bar in Lecce

Actor accused of dumping water on patrons

08 January, 14:22
Gerard Depardieu gets in legal row over noisy bar in Lecce (ANSA) - Lecce, January 8 - French film star Gerard Depardieu and the owner of a bar under his apartment in the southern Italian coastal city of Lecce have exchanged police complaints over the locale's animated nightlife, local newspapers reported on Wednesday.

Depardieu apparently has owned a home nestled among the tiny cobblestone lanes of Lecce's historic centre for a number of years, and the ruckus emanating from a bar downstairs has riled the famous actor. The bar owner accused Depardieu of dumping water on patrons' heads from his window, after Depardieu filed a complaint against the bar owner for playing excessively loud music late at night, the press said. The feud triggering the legal complaints reportedly broke out on Christmas Day, when the bar's owner, Nando Carrozzo, found Depardieu's car parked out front where the bar's outdoor tables are usually set up. Carrozzo went up to the actor's apartment to ask him to move his car. The encounter degenerated into an argument, the papers reported.