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Stallone, De Niro team up for boxing film 'Grudge Match'

Aging stars say boxing a metaphor for life

07 January, 18:10
Stallone, De Niro team up for boxing film 'Grudge Match' (ANSA) - Rome, January 7 - Decades after Oscar winner Robert De Niro and Hollywood favourite Sylvester Stallone played boxers in hit movies, the pair have teamed up for a fight film that hits movie screens on Thursday.

Naturally, aging was a hot topic for the pair during a news conference on Tuesday to promote the European premiere of their film 'Grudge Match'.

The plot throws two aging boxing rivals, separated since their last match 30 years earlier, back into the ring for one last fight. The object of their on-screen rivalry is a character named Sally Rose, played by Kim Basinger.

Both De Niro, 70, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of boxer Jake LaMotta in the 1980 film 'Raging Bull' and Stallone, 67, who came to fame through the 'Rocky' series, talked about the effects of aging on their outlook.

"As we get older, we become aware of what things are really are more important," said De Niro. "Life goes by so quickly that you have to take it lightly," he added.

"When the script was proposed to me, I thought 'let's try, let's do it, have fun,' and we hope that people like it".

For Stallone, the purpose of boxing in a film "is much more than a person fighting" but is a metaphor for the battles of life and of love.

Added De Niro: "It's a battle from the day you are born until when you die".