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Italian-Australian bequeaths fortune to hometown

Took officials six years to interpret vague will in dialect

07 January, 16:22
Italian-Australian bequeaths fortune to hometown (ANSA) - Belluno, January 7 - Officials in a small Italian town have finally solved the puzzle of a million-euro inheritance from an Italian-Australian man who wished to give the money to "the poor". Angelo Luigi Bazzocco, who emigrated to Australia in the 1920s, left a combination of cash and property to his hometown of Fonzaso, northeastern Italy, population 3,300, upon his death six years ago. Specifying in the local dialect that the money should go to "the poor", the will was very vague and made things difficult on officials, who finally determined to give the money to the town's nursing home. "We have worked out the last will and testament of Bazzocco, interpreting his wishes, and the first recipients will be elderly residents of the nursing home," said Mayor Gianluigi Furlin. Another part of the money, 25,000 euros, will go to a local school, which in the past had already received 84,000 euros from Bazzocco over the years.