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Choose what comes from God to be closer to Him, says pope

Francis urges followers to reject paths that lead away from Lord

07 January, 13:03
Choose what comes from God to be closer to Him, says pope (ANSA) - Vatican City, January 7 - Life can seem like a market with so many choices available, but Christians know in their hearts how to judge what is right and comes from God, Pope Francis said during Mass on Tuesday.

Individuals must be "vigilant" in their life choices and understand what brings them closer to God and what will take them further away, Francis said during his homily in St.

Martha's House, the Vatican guesthouse where the pope lives.

"With so many things that come and go, it seems like a local can find everything there, but no! We need to test (choices) to know, 'this is the Lord's, and this is not' (in order) to stay in the Lord," said the pope.

"If you want (to follow) the road of humility...of service to others, it is Jesus' (road)," added Francis.

"But if you (choose) the road with vanity, is not of Jesus...Abide in the Lord".

He closed with a prayer "to grant us this grace to know what's going on in our hearts and have the wisdom to discern what is of God and what is not of God".