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Serial hospital thief acquitted, 'suffered from cleptomania'

Former banker made off with roommates' watches, computers

03 January, 16:40
Serial hospital thief acquitted, 'suffered from cleptomania' (ANSA) - Rome, January 3 - A Rome judge on Friday cleared a former banker of robbing a series of hospital patients because he suffered from acute cleptomania. The 71-year-old had been arrested for stealing watches, cell phones, portable computers and other items from patients at Rome hospitals where he allegedly checked in for the sole purpose of ripping off his roommates. A psychiatric evaluation said the man was "totally incapable of intent" to steal, and that he "lived in constant mental conflict between his impulse to rob and his will to resist". This "state of strong anguish" forced him to commit the "liberating acts," added the evaluation.