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Schumacher turns 45 fighting for life

Fifth day in coma after skiing accident

03 January, 10:31
Schumacher turns 45 fighting for life (ANSA) - Rome, January 3 - Michael Schumacher turned 45 Friday fighting for his life in a Grenoble hospital after a skiing accident in the French Alps Sunday.

The family of the seven-time Formula One champ said Thursday he was "a fighter who will not give up".

Schumacher, who won five titles with Ferrari, smashed his head against a rock near his holiday home at Meribel after going off piste to help a friend's daughter.

He has had two operations to drain blood from his skull and ease pressure on his brain, and is stable in a medically induced coma after a "very slight" improvement from the second op.

Ferrari fan clubs are holding a silent vigil outside the hospital Friday.

The Ferrari Internet site will dedicate a special feature to the German great, wishing him a happy birthday and speedy recovery. The website will also host a photo gallery of the 72 Ferrari victories posted by Schumacher - part of his record 91 tally.