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SUV bank crash kills pensioner

Driver, 85, 'trying to park'

03 January, 15:33
SUV bank crash kills pensioner (updates previous) (ANSA) - Velletri, January 3 - The victim of Friday's incident that saw a SUV driven by an elderly man plough through the window of a bank near Rome was a 70-year-old woman who had gone to claim her pension. The woman was reportedly sitting waiting to be served at the Velletri branch of Unicredit Banca di Roma at the moment of impact.

It is thought the driver, 85, had been trying to park in a space reserved for disabled drivers outside the bank when he lost control of his vehicle and drove through the shatterproof front window.

The car ended up almost entirely inside the bank.

Four people were also injured in the crash.

The driver escaped unhurt.