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Pope cold calls Spanish convent, leaves a message

'Phones back, talks to nuns for 20 minutes'

03 January, 19:59
Pope cold calls Spanish convent, leaves a message (ANSA) - Madrid, January 3 - Pope Francis phoned a Spanish convent on New Year's Eve but had to leave a voicemail when the nuns did not pick up, according to Spanish media. "What are you doing that's so important you can't pick up the phone? This is Pope Francis. I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year. I'll see if I can call you back later. God bless you," said the recorded message to the Carmelite convent in Lucena, near Cordova. The call, which came at 23:45 local time, was reportedly followed shortly thereafter by a second call from the pontiff lasting 20 minutes. Since his election in March, Francis has acquired the nickname of the 'cold-call pope' for his penchant to personally telephone the faithful unannounced.