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Gay dancer beaten up in Rome station

'Risks permanent eye damage'

03 January, 18:01
Gay dancer beaten up in Rome station (ANSA) - Rome, January 3 - A man was beaten up and intimidated for being gay on Friday at the central station in Rome, provoking an outcry from gay activists.

The attackers reportedly through a bottle at the victim, a professional belly dancer from Sicily, striking him in the face, amid vicious name-calling, according to Gay Center spokesman Fabrizio Marrazzo. "Today a 28-year-old was attacked by two foreigners who first taunted him and then threw a bottle in his face, risking permanent damage to the eye", Marrazzo said. "The attackers also insulted the young man, with a volley of homophobic insults as well as with comments stating that he had been lucky the bottle contained water and not gasoline".

The victim, who is the founder of the "Black Tatooed Rose Movement - Right Wing Gays", was attacked close to a MacDonald's located in the station.