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Ferrari site to celebrate Schumacher's 45th birthday Friday

Formula One great's fans to hold silent march near hospital

02 January, 18:29
Ferrari site to celebrate Schumacher's 45th birthday Friday (ANSA) - Maranello (Modena), January 2 - The official Ferrari fan clubs have decided to celebrate the 45th birthday of seven-time Formula One champion Michael Schumacher, whose life doctors at a Grenoble hospital are battling to save after a skiing accident Sunday.

A group of fans will be holding a silent march close to the Grenoble University Hospital Center where F1's most successful driver is being treated. In addition, the Ferrari internet site will dedicate a special feature to the German former racing driver, with a double wish for his birthday, both of annual greetings and for a speedy recovery. The website will also host a photo gallery of the 72 Ferrari victories posted by Schumacher - part of his record 91 total win tally. Schumacher, who turns 45 on Friday, had a part of his skull removed Sunday to ease pressure on his brain and another operation Monday night to remove a large haematoma on the left side of his brain. Since then, the medical bulletins have indicated that there has been "a very slight" improvement in his condition.