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Police seize 476.5 kg of fireworks in two Puglia towns

Another 270 kg taken in Bari, 27 kg confiscated in Naples

31 December, 13:07
Police seize 476.5 kg of fireworks in two Puglia towns (ANSA) - Rome, December 31 - Italian finance police unearthed an illegally detained stash of 476.5 kilograms of fireworks in the Puglia towns of Molfetta and Ruvo di Puglia, only days after having made a similar seizure in a Molfetta shop which led to local authorities detaining some 650 kilos of the decorative explosives. On this occasion, the police reported two people for the illegal activities. The items are considered to be particularly dangerous because of their Chinese origin which bears European Union hallmarks, as well as due to some of the fireworks having been home-produced by locals. Part of the items were discovered in a storage unit in Molfetta, while the remaining part were located in the house of a security officer working at a fireworks factory at Ruvo di Puglia.

Meanwhile, some 92 packages of fireworks for a total of 27 kilos were seized by police officers in Naples, while law enforcement officers in the areas surrounding Puglia capital Bari have confiscated 270 kilos of the explosives.