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Naples prefecture resolute after letter bomb injures staffer

'We will continue our work at ease'

31 December, 15:11
Naples prefecture resolute after letter bomb injures staffer (ANSA) - Naples, December 31 - The office of the Naples prefect was resolute Tuesday after a letter bomb exploded in the hands of a staffer Tuesday, leaving her with minor burns to the eyebrows and left arm.

"We are at ease and we will continue our job," said Francesco Esposito, chief of staff at the Naples prefecture.

The envelope was addressed to Calabrian-born Naples Prefect Francesco Musolino, 62, who was appointed in November 2012 having previously served in the same post in three Calabrian cities. He has played his part, as representative of the Rome government, in recent efforts against the local Camorra mafia, but there have been no recent reports of threats to him.

Police were trying to decipher a possible message inserted alongside the bomb, which they described as a rather sophisticated device hidden inside a run-of-the-mill white business envelope. Doctors said the injured staffer was in good condition. Meanwhile police have blocked off all access to the building.