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Francis 'my person of year' says archbishop of Canterbury

Church of England head calls pope 'extraordinary man'

31 December, 16:01
Francis 'my person of year' says archbishop of Canterbury (ANSA) - London, December 31 - Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who heads the Church of England, said he has chosen Pope Francis to be his "person of the year" on Tuesday. In an interview with the BBC, Welby said the pontiff was an "extraordinary man" and added that "through his example he has given a new sense of direction and scope to the Catholic Church". Welby went on to say that the Pope has made the Catholic Church increasingly "efficient. I would certainly name him as the person of the year for me".

Earlier this month Time magazine awarded Francis its Person of the Year title, saying that his role at the helm of the Vatican was shifting the message of the Catholic Church while attracting devotion from millions that had been disillusioned by the Vatican. Gay rights magazine The Advocate took a similar initiative.