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Pope Francis is 'figure of immense appeal', FT says

Pontiff's modesty, reforms, views on sex, marriage are key

30 December, 19:21
Pope Francis is 'figure of immense appeal', FT says (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 30 - Pope Francis has since his election in March this year become a "figure of immense appeal" thanks both to his personal charisma and to his overhauling of the Catholic Church and making it more attractive for religious devotees the world over, according to a report in the Financial Times this week. In the nine months since he took over, the pontiff has straightened up the top tier management system of the Vatican, with his actions making him a "figure of immense appeal" for both Catholics and non-Catholics. This attraction has been highlighted by his immense modesty, his modern view of sex and marriage as well as the series of reforms he has introduced. In the course of 2013, "no figure has caught the imagination of people across the world more than Pope Francis" this year, the newspaper said, adding that he took over a t a time that the "Catholic Church appeared to be in dire trouble", with the Vatican "engulfed in the scandal over sexual abuse involving the priesthood" and "Catholics in the US and Europe were leaving the Church in droves" Pope Francis of Argentina, the first South American pope, was elected in March this year after Benedict XVI became the first pope in 600 years to abdicate.