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New year kicking off with mild temperatures

Sunny weather forecast in north, rain in centre and south

30 December, 15:35
New year kicking off with mild temperatures (ANSA) - Rome, December 30 - Italy will experience mild temperatures on New Year's Day with the sun shining across the north and scattered rain showers expected in the center and south, Colonel Mario Giuliacci, the editor-in-chief of online weather service, said on Monday.

Overall much of the country will not need to turn up the heat this week with temperatures rarely dipping below zero, Giuliacci said, as moisture from the Atlantic will bring overcast skies and rain well into the first days of 2014.

On New Year's Day, low pressure will make its way over most of Italy with cloudy skies ''though little rain is predicted and an umbrella will be necessary only in the northeast, in Tuscany and down south', said Giuliacci.

However, the cold could tighten its grip on Italy after January 6, according to the weather service.