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Massa, Barrichello praying for Schumacher

Brazilian ex-Ferrari teammates post Instagram messages

30 December, 15:18
Massa, Barrichello praying for Schumacher (see previous).

(ANSA) - Rio de Janeiro, December 30 - Michael Schumacher's ex-Ferrari teammates Felipe Massa and Rubens Barrichello are praying for the Formula One legend as he fights for his life in a Swiss hospital, the Brazilian pair said separately on Instagram Monday.

"I'm praying for God to protect you, brother, and that you make a swift recovery," said Massa, who drove with Schumacher in the German's last season with the F1 giants, in 2005-2006. Barrichello, Schumacher's wingman from 2000 to 2005, said: "The important thing in life is to remember the good times and the good laughs. I am praying for you".