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Man travels by train from Naples to Turin for 3 transplants

18-hour surgery successful, 47-year-old has new lungs and liver

30 December, 19:23
Man travels by train from Naples to Turin for 3 transplants (ANSA) - Turin, December 30 - A 47-year-old man suffering from primary biliary cirrhosis and pulmonary fibrosis boarded a train in Naples after he started feeling sick at hom, and travelled all the way to Turin on his own to reach the northern city's Molinette hospital where he had a successful transplant of lungs and liver, the hospital said Monday.

The man is reportedly in good condition after the 18-hour-long surgery at Molinette, a top transplant centre in Italy and the most important in Europe for liver transplants.

The patient reportedly arrived in critical condition at the hospital on December 16 after his oxygen supply finished during the train ride and was moved to intensive care three days later as his condition worsened.

The lungs and liver belonged to a 39-year-old woman from Genoa who died of a brain haemorrhage on Saturday.

Surgery started during the night between Saturday and Sunday and ended late on Sunday afternoon.

Surgeons Mauro Rinaldi and Massimo Boffini carried out the double lung transplant and Mauro Salizzoni the liver transplant.

The man was breathing on his own on Monday.