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Italian couple 'in danger' as gunfire erupts in Kinshasa

Couple among 23 families trying to return with adopted children

30 December, 12:27
Italian couple 'in danger' as gunfire erupts in Kinshasa (ANSA) - Perugia, December 30 - An Italian couple stuck in the Democratic Republic of Congo with their adopted children told ANSA Monday they were "in danger" as gunfire erupted at state TV and radio headquarters and the airport in the capital Kinshasa. "The rebels have occupied the TV station in Kinshasa and are taking hostages. Shots have been fired at the airport, which is closed. We fear for our lives and our children," said Enrico, whose last name was not made available and did not appear to be in any imminent danger of violence. "I beg you to help us implore the Italian foreign ministry to help us come home. For a month and a half, 23 Italian families have been prevented to return to Italy with their adopted Congolese children after the government announced a suspension of adoptions to several countries. The move was sparked by reports of some Congolese children being adopted by gay or single parents, which is not allowed in Congo. While the cause of the attacks Monday was not clear, two gunmen appeared on state TV to deliver a political message against President Joseph Kabila's government, according to media reports. The information ministry has said the situation is now under control after military intervention. (photo: Congolese soldiers)