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Almost 70% of Italians ringing in new year at home

Prosecco, other domestic treats to thrive

30 December, 11:31
Almost 70% of Italians ringing in new year at home (ANSA) - Rome, December 30 - Italians will spend an average of 66 euros on New Year's dinner, a survey by Coldiretti farmers' association showed Monday. At least 47% of respondents have budgeted less than 50 euros, 26% plan to spend 50-100 euros, and 14% will spend 100-200 euros. At least 68% said they will ring in 2014 behind closed doors: 28% at home and 40% at the homes of relatives or friends.

More families are choosing traditional, cheaper Italian products over exotic foods: 81% of Italians will be eating lentils and 73% will consume pork sausage, up 9% over last year, while 5% will splurge on oysters and 4% on caviar, down 2% and 1% respectively. Spending on local, seasonal fruit is set to rise by 11% while estimated sales of out-of-season cherries and peaches will shed 1%. Almost nine in 10 Italians will imbibe Italian sparkling wine, while 11% said they prefer champagne. A vast majority of Italians also said they won't give up their traditional holiday cakes such as panettone (81%) and pandoro (78%).

Coldiretti December 2013 projections show Italian exports doing well this holiday season, with sales of wine, sparkling wine, grappa, liqueur, panettone, cheese, cold cuts and pasta topping a record 2.7 billion euros. The farmers' association sees sales increasing in various product categories, including Italian sparkling wine (+16%), panettone (+14%), wine (+8%), cold cuts (+5%), pasta (+4%) and cheese (+3%).