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Pope's first months marked by 'abolishment of barriers'

More innovation, reforms may be up ahead says spokesman

27 December, 18:32
Pope's first months marked by 'abolishment of barriers' (ANSA) - Vatican City, December 27 - The first months of Pope Francis' tenure as pontiff have been characterized by the abolishment of the barriers that had existed between the persona of the religious leader and that of the people in general, as well as by the unique message he is spreading to humanity that appears to be exactly what people were waiting for, Vatican Spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said in an interview Friday. The pontiff has "stirred" the church, Father Lombardi said in an interview with Vatican Radio, in which he added that it was feasible to expect renovation from him, structural reforms, as well as much more. Lombardi said the changes Pope Francis may introduce in Rome could well spread out to the far reaches of the Catholic Church around the world. The change is possible also thanks to the spirituality of the South American pontiff, who is always on the search for the will of God "in his path", in history, just as St. Ignatius of Loyola teachings indicate. It was also possible due to Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, an event that has "marked this year and that will continue to also mark the next eras of the church".

Lombardi's interview was structured in a way as to provide listeners with the possibility of interpreting the future of the Papacy, starting from the stepping aside of Pope Benedict XVI, which he compared to the "opening of a road, of a possibility, which was, as Benedict use to say, inherent in the motivation behind his resignation, and connected to the era in which we are living".

"The abolishment of the barriers between the person of the Pope and the people that he has met" was indicated by Lombardi as the reason for the overwhelming attention given to the Pontiff by the entire world. "He was understood in a very clear and direct way by everyone: the Pope interprets very effectively the love the Lord our father has for his creatures".