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Northern League cautions against easing immigration laws

Bossi-Fini should not be touched, League chief Salvini says

27 December, 17:04
Northern League cautions against easing immigration laws (ANSA) - Venice, December 27 - Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy's regionalist Northern League, warned politicians against changing its Bossi-Fini anti-immigration law, unless it was to introduce harsher measures aimed at discouraging inflows into the nation from abroad. The law, which was framed by Northern League founder Umberto Bossi and former post-fascist leader Gianfranco Fini, is scheduled to be reviewed in January, according to an announcement made by Italian Premier Enrico Letta earlier this month. Salvini said that any changes made to the law, barring those of making it more difficult to seek legalized immigration into Italy, would be met with his supporters turning to the "barricades". Italy has been in the spotlight for its immigration policies and for the way it handles refugees following mass inflows from North Africa and other economically less prosperous areas as well as a recent scandal involving the alleged mistreatment of migrants held in a reception center in the southern island of Lampedusa.