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Medical experts don't find improvement in stem-cell therapy

Controversial treatments examined were carried out in Brescia

27 December, 19:28
Medical experts don't find improvement in stem-cell therapy (ANSA) - Rome, December 27 - Medical experts examining the outcome of treatments of a controversial stem-cell therapy on patients carried out in the Northern Italian city of Brescia have reportedly not seen any proof of actual improvements in the medical conditions of those being treated.

A team of experts are carrying out their findings based on medical records of 36 patients from Brescia, which news agency Ansa has seen copies of. Though the documentation is not complete, it would appear that the only improvements to have been noticed were self-certified by the patients or by the families of those being treated, and not based on medical evidence.

Prosecutors in the northern city of Brescia last Monday announced they had ordered a separate investigation into the use of the treatment at a local hospital. Brescia Civic Hospital had been applying the so-called Stamina therapy for "compassionate use" but prosecutors this week alleged patients undergoing the treatment had not seen any improvement.

Critics say the stem-cell treatment has been untested and could be dangerous. Last week, some alleged that the treatment could contribute to a fatal neurodegenerative condition commonly known as mad cow disease. However, supporters of the Stamina treatment convinced Italy's health ministry to appoint the committee of medical experts to examine the effects of the treatment.