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Italian Greenpeace activist gets Russian exit visa

All foreign members of Arctic 30 set to leave

27 December, 12:51
Italian Greenpeace activist gets Russian exit visa (ANSA) - Moscow, December 27 - An Italian activists who was among 30 Greenpeace protestors detained in Russia for trying to scale an offshore drilling platform in September has been granted a visa to leave the country along with the other 25 foreign members of the group, the environmental NGO said Friday.

Christian d'Alessandro became the last of the so-called Arctic 30 to benefit from an amnesty approved by the Russian parliament last week when charges against him were dropped on Thursday.

Nine of the activists have already left Russia.

The crew members of Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise ship originally faced a charge of piracy although this was subsequently softened to "hooliganism" before being dropped completely.