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Anti-mafia State witnesses protest at interior ministry

'Italian govt left us out in the cold,' says demonstrators

24 December, 15:08
Anti-mafia State witnesses protest at interior ministry (ANSA) - Rome, December 24 - A group of State's witnesses rallied at the interior ministry on Tuesday to demand the government stick to its agreements and apply witness protection laws.

Sayng they have been forced to drastically change their lives, in some cases leaving Italy for good, since agreeing to turn State's evidence against organized crime syndicates, the witnesses charged that the government has left them out in the cold.

Among their list of demands is security for themselves and their loved ones, valid documents, and jobs, as per a government decree on witness protection issued in August.

''We don't want support from politicians or associations'', they told reporters. ''We're tired of the same old anti-Mafia heroes parade''.

They invited Interior Minister Angelino Alfano and his deputy Filippo Bubbico to join to recognize their plight.