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Italian criminal trials 'to drop 30% if amnesty introduced'

Pardon would lead to release of 23,000, Cancellieri says

20 December, 17:53
Italian criminal trials 'to drop 30% if amnesty introduced' (ANSA) - Rome, December 20 - If Italy were to introduce the legal amnesty it is currently evaluating, the number of existing criminal-court proceedings would drop by as much as 30%, while if it granted a pardon that is currently being mulled some 23,000 jailed convicts would be released, according to a report released by Italian Justice Minister Annamaria Cancellieri on Friday. Italy has been evaluating the introduction of measures aimed at addressing the issue of prison overcrowding and of tacking the overwhelmed legal system, which is overburdened to the point many criminal proceedings that go to trial time out under the statute of limitations.

Were an amnesty introduced, the total number of criminal proceedings would scrap between 266,720 and 308,966 criminal proceedings currently in court out of a total of 993,942, Cancellieri told the Senate justice committee. A pardon, meanwhile, for sentences of up to three years, similar to the one that was introduced in parliament in 2006, would permit some 23,000 of jailed convicts to be released from prison out of a national total of 39,000.