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Escaped mafioso caught in northern Italy

Hunt continues for serial killer who fled while on leave

20 December, 14:16
Escaped mafioso caught in northern Italy (ANSA) - Rome, December 20 - Pietro Esposito, a convicted mafioso who turned informant, was apprehended in the northern city of Forlì on Friday after failing to return to prison after a granted leave. The 47-year-old member of the Naples-based Camorra was listed as a fugitive on Thursday. He was found outside a bed and breakfast in the same city where he had been staying at his sister's home. Esposito was convicted for participating in the 2004 murder of the 22-year-old girlfriend of a clan rival during an escalating turf war. But he was shown leniency for helping authorities identify those primarily responsible for the hit. Esposito's jail term was scheduled to end in June. Meanwhile police were still looking for Bartolomeo Gagliano, a convicted serial killer on the loose since Tuesday who also fled during a granted prison leave. Both cases were seen as a threat to a package of government prison reforms that would lighten the terms of jail sentences for some crimes.