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Aqaba has strong presence at 2013 Jordan Build Exhibition

Event inaugurated by Minister of Municipal Affairs Walid Masri

20 December, 14:58
Aqaba has strong presence at 2013 Jordan Build Exhibition (ANSA) - Aqaba, December 20 - Jordan's Minister of Municipal Affairs Walid Masri has inaugurated the seventh Jordan Build, "Jordan's Construction Exhibition", on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Masri emphasized the importance of this exhibition and the role it plays in mobilizing Jordan's contracting companies' capabilities as it functions as a platform for them and the region to interact and exchange knowledge and experience as well as to showcase what they have to offer.

The Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, the Aqaba Development Corporation, the Aqaba National Real-estate Projects Company and the Al Murjan company all represented Aqaba at this major event currently taking place in Amman and organized by Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association.

Aqaba's participation comes in support of Jordan's contracting companies and also seeks to illustrate the multiple investment opportunities that the zone offers in the fields of real-estate, tourism, industry, logistics, education and trade. Exhibitors included companies and delegations from the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Turkey and many other companies.

Professor Kamel Mahadin, Chief Commissioner of Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), attended the opening ceremony and showed support for the Aqaba team at the exhibition.

In an interview with Jordan TV, Mahadin spoke of the importance of organizing such events in Jordan and Aqaba's keenness to be part of this exhibition and support contractors in Jordan.

Bashar Abu Rumman, the vice president of Aqaba development Corporation, the central development arm for ASEZA, spoke of the competitive investment climate Aqaba enjoys and noted that "so far over 820 million Jordanian Dinar have been invested in Aqaba ports' community development projects by ADC and through partnerships with the private sector". "In all of our international tenders it is required that that consortiums applying include a local contractor to ensure that Jordanian contractors can gain more international experience and that they participate in the development process of Aqaba," he added.

The President of Jordanian Constructions Contractors Association expressed the association's interest in investing in Aqaba as the Red Sea city is developing into an economic engine for Jordan and announced that the association is negotiating with ADC with regards to investing in Aqaba's north business district.